Listen to Records for Your Health


We’ve talked about music & it’s massive power a few times before in Wonderland, but today I want to talk specifically about records. I’ve lately gotten really into listening to records – my boyfriend Adam has always been really into searching for, collecting, listening, and dancing to records. While I thought it was cool, until my aunt gave me an awesome old record player of my own I did not fully understand the appeal of the hobby. Now I adore everything about it, from foraging in record stores with adam on the weekends, to the sound when I need to flip the record, to the fact that it forces me to get out of my chair and move while I’m working at my desk, I love it all.

Here are more of my thoughts on my love of records:

While wellness is clearly my passion, it’s important for us all for have non-health & wellness centered activities taking up space in our minds. Perhaps it is watching a favorite TV show or going to the movies or listening to music. Entertainment is part of health and nurturing your mind. It’s easy to forget that and get caught up in learning, researching, and reading, at least for me. So this week my friend gave me the challenge to not read any health related info. This cleanse was tough, but so needed. I was able to focus on other things and figure out what I really like. I encourage you to try it this week, get to know yourself and what you enjoy.


Ever since my friend Erin Haslag told me it was her favorite song on her WWRadio episode, I’ve been turning this song up every time it comes on the radio. So this is what I’m jiving to today, are you still dancing? Can you believe how long we’ve been dancing? This year is flying! How’s the challenge going for you lately?

I’d love some proof you’re dancing, so I know I’m not Dancing On My OwnChallenge: Tweet or Instagram a photo of you jammin at me, @katiedalebout, or better yet post a video of your dancing on The Wellness Wonderland Facebook fan page!

Gratitude for Music | The XX in Detroit


So it’s no big surprise to Wonderland that I love me some xx. I’ve done multiple posts (here & here) on how much I love this young British band so much and their music brings up so much emotion for me. They’ve become my favorite music to meditate to, sleep to, drive to, walk to, cook to, and especially teach yoga to.

They’ve pretty much become my amazing imaginary friends that are by my side all day long, from in the shower to teaching yoga class. In fact, they’ve been with me through all my ups and downs of yoga teaching from when I was way nervous first starting out to when I was teaching full-time, 4 or 5 classes a day. I start every class I teach with the Intro, and it gets me in the mode. When teaching yoga, the playlist has to inspire the teacher even more than it inspires the students, since you’re never going to find a playlist that every person agrees on. For me, whenever I couldn’t decide what to play, my go-to was always an xx album and everyone was happy.


So clearly when I found out my dear friends were coming to Detroit I absolutely had to get tickets. A week ago today I saw them perform and I was so moved. I was enamored by the fact that every show they play is a little different and it really hit me, the talent they (and all artists) have that they get up there and perform so often yet recreate this rad sound while making it a fresh and unique experience.

It’s truly amazing to me, they are lights in this world and I hope they come out with 10 million more albums because I love them!

Picasso said something like, ‘all children are artists – it’s when we grow up that we lose it.’ Keep your artist in you alive as you grow up, you never know what it can produce.


Well we’re four months into 2013, how is the 2013 Dance Challenge going? Still enjoying dancing, got any new moves? Are your dance moves as cool as Elaine’s?

The good news about our Dance Challenge is that it doesn’t matter how your moves look, as long as you keep moving! My moves are pretty comparable with Elaine’s, do you want to see?

What’s you’re favorite song to jam to? Tell me in the comments below, if I get at least 10 comments, I’ll post a video of my moves for some good giggles!

TWo posts in one day | The great Gatsby

Okay I’ve written about The Great Gatsby on this blog about a million times, it is my all-time favorite book. This movie is directed by my favorite director, Baz Luhrmann! His over-the-top directing style is flawless and was ideal when he brought Romeo & Juilet to life in the 90s.  The man certainly knows how to craft a soundtrack. (The Romeo + Juliet CD is the best compilation of the ’90s music especially since it has this track on it!) That’s a tough act to follow but looks like with The Great Gatsby, Luhrmann is going to knock it out of the park again.

May 10! This movie & soundtrack are going to be insane! check this out! & this!  This soundtrack OMG!

& when I saw The xx on there….I melted! You know how I feel about them! The XX recorded this special track for the movie and then released it on National Record Store Day last Saturday. It’s rad! I love it them, just bought my tickets to see them in June!