NEW VIDEO Mini Workshop | Remix Your Resolutions To Make Them Stick

Want to feel amazing this year? Want it to be everything you’ve always hoped  for on New Year’s Eve, but have never fully been able to actualize? Now is your chance to live the life you have always desired and I have the roadmap to get you there.

It’s called The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte, a radical book & workbook that will make you clear on how you want to feel and change your relationship to goal setting.

In this video, I give you my personal strategies for REMIXING Your New Year’s Resolutions and guide you through a mini workshop to celebrate 2013 and begin 2014 by feeling your best.

That’s not all, the WWonderland support doesn’t end after the video, rather we’re going to carry this synergy through 2014 in the Wellness Wonderland Book Club. We’ll be slowly working our way through The Desire Map together and sharing our experience, supporting each-other, having monthly calls, and discussing in this Facebook group. We’ll be getting started in February to give everyone time to get the book and get settled into the new year a bit.

Until then join the private Facebook group & buy the book here!

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Comment Below with HOW YOU WANT TO FEEL IN 2014? Remember you have permission to go for your dreams & feelings!

Last Meanderings of 2013, it’s been real

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I’ve missed you! How was your holiday? Above is an Instagram glimpse into mine. Hopefully you’re taking some time wherever you are at the tail end of this year to relax, reflect, and feel renewed for 2013.

I’m so excited for the new year & can feel that good stuff is brewing. I’ve got a festive new year post for you tomorrow, but until then meander my favorite inspiring new year posts from around the internet as well as a collection of my favorite posts of 2013 from here in Wonderland.

Favorite inspiring & timely New Years Posts from around the web:

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Jenny’s Drop Kick your Comfort Zone in 2014.

Carly’s Instead of Making ‘Get Healthier Resolutions…’

Kris Carr’s Forget New Year’s Resolutions & Find Your Ease In 2014

Best of 2013 in Wonderland:

First of all here are last year’s last Meanderings of 2012… always fun to be nostolgic.

My healthy marshmallow recipe from last week.

This interview with Isabel Foxen Duke on how to not be crazy around food (also from last week, ending the year with a bang).

The WWDiet!

My 2013 gift guides.

19 Ways to Start & End your Day!

The one where I learned a lesson.

The epic Last Dance Challenge Check in No. 12.

…and last but not least all my WWRadio Episodes (Thank you so much to all my amazing guests, I respect you all so much and I’m so grateful for your unique perspectives and inspiration.)


Well we’re four months into 2013, how is the 2013 Dance Challenge going? Still enjoying dancing, got any new moves? Are your dance moves as cool as Elaine’s?

The good news about our Dance Challenge is that it doesn’t matter how your moves look, as long as you keep moving! My moves are pretty comparable with Elaine’s, do you want to see?

What’s you’re favorite song to jam to? Tell me in the comments below, if I get at least 10 comments, I’ll post a video of my moves for some good giggles!

2013 is magic | my resolutions


I think sharing your New Year’s resolutions is the only way to actually make them happen. By saying them out loud, writing them out, or even blogging about them, the universe starts to turn what we want into what we have. Don’t make too many – six is a good number – & think carefully about each resolution before sharing because people will hold you accountable. I am making this year the best one yet & here’s how:

My magic 2013 resolutions:

No. 1 I resolve to dance to one complete song a day, non-stop. Sign up for my challenge here!

No. 2 I resolve to to be my sincere & authentic self.  I love this quote from Gabrielle Bernstein, “When people are real, I fall in love with them.”

No. 3 I resolve to make time expand. This is the year that time stretches for me. There is plenty of time for me to do all I want and I never have to rush. I frequently find myself rushing, late, running out of time which makes my energy chaotic. However, this year I will accomplish all I want, but have plenty of time to do it! How to stretch time.

No. 4 I resolve to write everyday. I love writing & journaling most days–and always feel so much better on the days I do journal. I think everyone should be required to have a journal. I carry little notebooks everywhere with me & when in doubt I love the Evernote app on my iphone. Even if it’s just writing down the things I’m grateful for before bed each night, a few minutes of getting the thoughts out of my mind a day really helps.

No. 5 I resolve to be the happiest person I know. This is a hefty one. This year I will show up fully for the present moment, handle every situation with my full attention and love, and be calm and relaxed no matter what comes at me.

Share your resolutions with me please, that would be so cool!



New Resolutions | top 3 wellness tips be green. be well. be happy.

I love New Year’s Eve. I guess I have a few favorite holidays, with Valentine’s, Halloween, & even birthdays. But there’s something about the hope of a new year–a fresh start. However, when I really got thinking about it, each day and even each moment is a fresh start – there’s no need to wait until January 1st to make a decision to be happy, be healthy, or be well. Each new moment choose wellness! That’s my challenge to you this year, in addition to this one.

And trust that sometimes things just work out!

Here are 3 wellness tips to jump start / end your year or just your day depending on when you’re reading:

1) Drink green juice! While smoothies are amazing, green juice is where it’s at. It goes directly into your blood and is like drinking a multi-vitamin. While I don’t have a juicer of my own, this morning I was able to use one to make this apple, spinach, lemon, and kale juice.

Here’s what a Chalkboard Magazine article said about it this morning. 5 reasons to drink green juice:

1.Detoxifies the body – It’s very cleansing and assists in the removal of toxins that people absorb everyday.

2.Fosters healthy weight loss.

3. Helps to alkalize the body (This is important as many diseases thrive in acidic conditions)

4. Strengthens your immune system.

5. Gives you more energy (because juicing reduces the energy your body needs to digest foods)

2) Focus on the good. Here’s a little exercise that I’m going to do today. I’m huge on journaling and think everyone should do it. I’m going to write a love note to 2012 (inspired by this post), not thinking about anything negative that happened this year, but writing an ode to the things that went well. If you had a tough year, this IS possible to do, trust me. There are 525,600 minutes in a year, something went your way.

My journal goes everywhere with me….(here’s a little instagram Where’s Waldo? …Journal edition!)




3) Do this & everything else will fall into place. Just hope for the best! Make a vision board set your sights high and focuis on what you what not what you don’t want & bottom line…