2012 Gift Guides No. 5 | My wishlist/ gift guide/ things I like

So to get to know me a bit better, here are a few material things I have my eye on. Maybe you’ll like some of them too, or maybe they make perfect gifts for someone on your list.

You’ll see many repeats from the previous gift guides since (secret’s out) I’m a little bit of a health nut, pretty thing lover, meditating yogi, & book lover all rolled into one!

Enjoy shopping through my gift meanderings & see all five 2012 guides here:

My Presents:

I love letterpress art! Especially my best friend Laura’s – check out her site!

Maybe this amazing office chair will get me a job!

I sure do eat a lot of salad so these (above) would be great!

Deepak is my main man!

Love these bracelets.

I love this tank!

I could use some of this to help with the calm.

I think these are so cool!

A stress relief kit!

And I really love these Beeswax Buddha candles!

My Stocking stuffers:

These (above) greeting cards seem right up my alley.

Raw lipgloss yum!

Really wanting to try these wraps!

My favorite bars!

I love their Green Vibrance, so these individual packets would be adorable.

& this jug would be great for my green smoothie!

My favorite raw vegan macaroons come in cute holiday tins!

These would be so convenient.

I love this Herbamare seasoning.

I LOVE this meditation pillow!

my gift card hopes:

Organic Avenue (ships all over the country!)

One Lucky Duck (ships everywhere)

Sally B’s Skin Yummies

Hay House

My big dream items:

I love the iloveme ring I want one so bad!!

Gabby loving it too!

I would love a rebounder! I used to spend hours and hours listening to my little radio and jumping on my tramp.

Been needing one, so this is my next gift I’m buying myself!

A thank you note to you…

Dear Everyone,

Thank you so much.  It you are reading this, you are my persistent fans who have found their way to this humble start up blog that I have such high hopes for! I know I’ve promised many things that I haven’t followed through on yet…like monthly catalog reviewsrecipe videos, an about section and blogroll, and even keeping up with my weekend meanderings…I know that once I have proper time to devote to While We Were Weary, the best is yet to come!



ps. in the meantime here’s a post that might give you a little bit more about what’s up my alley.

I need to remember to…

{photo via happily ever after}

It is such a busy week for me – finishing up school and finals, turning twenty-two, and graduating from college. I need to take it all in and enjoy the time with my family and friends.  Lately I need to be reminded to take a deep breath and remember to slow down and enjoy all the little things going on around me so I don’t miss them!

Instragram is such a great tool for me to help me with this.  When I see something funny, happy, exciting, sad, ect. it makes me stop and think and share it and… I think I like that.

Weekend Meanderings

Well the blog sure has been sparse the past week or so, and unfortunately it will probably continue to be for a little while.  I’ll be graduating from college in just two weeks and turning twenty-two.  It’s going to be a busy couple of weeks so content on the blog may suffer, but remember the best is yet to come! The good news is as soon as I graduate, I will no longer be a full time student and I will become a professional blogger! Yay! Hope you are all having a wonderful spring weekend and enjoy this week’s web meanderings and I’ll see you as soon as possible!

stlye and DIY:

obsessed with this paper doll post! It’s so cute!

beautiful stationary shop

I love this sock of the month club! From Hansel and Basel!

Synchronized swimming pretty cool pictures!

love this DIY  sky ombre chair, I bet my aunt could make this!


cool company making travel a bit easier, I think it would be worth the price!

this travel guide is making me want to go to LA


hungry? you will be after browsing this cool visual food blog! Great design and huge photos! And I love their very upfront name, much more direct than While We Were Weary!

Picnic like a pro!

I like her! Cute interview with The Chew‘s Daphne Oz.




Overwhelmed over the weekend

Hello everyone the good news is that maybe spring is here! and the better news is that yet again I’m here to promise you more content and this time I will actually follow through!  My head has been feeling a bit like this picture right now, overwhelmed with everything I have going on and coming up and lists are becoming my best friend. Hopefully things will calm down soon in the meantime here are a few meanderings making me smile:

I loved this post and not merely because of the beautiful ampersand (I have a weakness for them)

can’t stop staring at these interesting photos like a car accident

Love this quote on being messy, makes me feel a bit better about the current state of my bedroom

Curious about who is going to play young Carrie in the Sex and the City? look no further

Cool book with amazing photographs about Hitchcock Style

Loving these NYC photos via my wonderful photographer and best friend and wild thing Abbey Lee Moore Photography Getting married? Call her!

love you see you tons this week! Promise!