Foodie Friday | PB & J Breakfast Tacos Recipe

Happy 4th of July! Today’s recipe is somewhat patriotic looking with the red & blue berries and if you add some coconut flakes we’ve got the entire US of A  color scheme accounted for. The other day I had nothing in the fridge and didn’t think this week was worth grocery shopping since I’d being going home for the holiday. I woke up starving for breakfast and wanted to eat rather than drink my smoothie so I took my smoothie ingredients and made these tacos instead. This is so simple, refreshing, and light. It requires no equipment and very few ingredients.

-Romain Leaves or Collard Greens 
-Berries (organic frozen of fresh) 
-Nut Butter of Choice (May Favorites are Pumpkin Seed or Hemp Seed) 
-Optional Add-ins: coconut flakes, sea salt, cinnamon etc. 

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I’ve been healing my skin for a while now and since this last video my natural skin care routine has evolved quite a bit from all that I’ve learned, so check out the above video to learn more. Let me know what’s working for you or if you have any questions for me. Below are the links to everything I show in the video.

Coconut Oil best thing to remove eye make-up.

Magic Mitt the most natural way to remove make-up with only water.

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap use this gentle organic soap to wash your hands before you touch your skin at anytime.

Camu Camu superfood super high in vitamin C. & here’s Culinary Karma’s salad dressing with camu camu in it.

MSM– great supplement for healing your skin.

Witch hazel – a natural astringent making it antibacterial on skin and great for acne prone skin. I use it on a cotton pad first thing in the morning.

Estroblock the supplement that really helps clear hormonal acne.

Hemp Oil– the only thing I use to wash my face, works like a charm.

The only downside of cleansing with Hemp oil is that since it lives in the refrigerator it isn’t too convenient for travel (just use jojoba oil for that, it’s second best).

Pure neem oil– an antibacterial herb is potent and transformative in healing pimple, just dab some on when you feel the sensation of a new blemish and it will take care of it.

Tarte Mineral makeup is made Amazonian clay and has had healing benefits on my skin and will help you to not be stressed out by your appearance while your skin is in the process of healing.

Lemon– just simple raw lemon juice directly on the skin is great for reducing redness and scarring.

Here are some extra links that may be helpful around this topic: 

a natural skin care line I love

my skin healing smoothie recipe! 




Recipe for SKIN Care and Healing

Do you remember this video, where I got really authentic and deep with you about what I’m going through with my skin a few months ago?  Since getting honest, healing myself naturally has actually worked! There’s part of me that’s actually quite surprised on some level that it actually worked. I wasn’t sure if I’d ever get here, but I’m so happy I have and so thrilled to share what I’m doing with you.

I made this video a few months ago before I knew if it actually would work (so I waited to share it), but here I am a couple months later actually healing. While things are far from 100% perfect every single day, seeing improvement is so motivating and hopefully some of this motivation transmutes & rubs off on you.

I want to be clear that this recipe for clear skin is just one piece of the puzzle. What you think, what you eat and what you do all play such a huge role in the health of our skin, our largest organ. In this video I just show one part of what I’m doing typically on my skin. This little concoction is something that works for me after trying tons of different techniques over the years and especially the past few months. I encourage you to take your own jouney with trial & error to figure out what works for your skin. Just like one diet will not work for every unique body, one skin care routine will not heal everyone. This is just my experience of what works for me right now. Try it out, give it a chance (it takes our skin about 2 weeks to allow anything to work) and see if it vibes with you. Whatever you do try, I will offer this: keep it as simple & gentle as possible.

Our skin is not meant to have toxic chemicals on it so aim to use as many natural ingredients as possible, but be gentle with yourself, that doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing, cold-turkey transition. If you love your drug store cleanser, keep using it and maybe replace your makeup with something more natural or perhaps your moisturizer could shift to a gentle jojoba oil but you still want to use your usual lipstick, just one simple shift at a time is huge. Baby steps are cuter than giant steps right? Be gentle with your skin and yourself.

For the rest of the week in Wonderland we will have focusing on SKIN HEALING. Tomorrow’s post will be a very special WWRadio episode on this topic, and Friday we will have a special skin healing Foodie Friday recipe so stay tuned and by the weekend you’ll be armed with great tools for glowing, radiant skin.


In this week’s Foodie Friday I’m back in the Wellness Wonderland Kitchen to demo my favorite recipe of the moment. This Ayurveda ginger tea comes from my biggest mentor and kitchen guru Robyn Youkilis.

A body image expert, health coach, and YouTube sensation, Robyn knows the science of Ayurveda like no other and has a knack for teaching the ancient method so it can be applied to our modern lives. This simple ginger tea has become a staple for me since learning about it from her telecast lecture on “Spinging into Ayurveda. Hopefully it will help to see how easy and fun it is to make and you only need two ingredients: ginger & water. Enjoy your tea, cheers!

Check out Robyn’s original blog post on beating belly bloat with this ginger tea.

Thank you Robyn for the inspiration! Don’t worry because there is more on Ayurveda to come, I know I’m riveted by it.  & great news: Robyn will be our next guest on WWRadio so I’m sure she’ll tell us more then. In the mean time, if you have a question for Robyn or I on this tea or Ayurveda let us know in the comments below – we’d love to chat it over on the radio!

Foodie Friday | New Recipe Video: The Best {yet Healthy} Ants on a log you’ve ever had

Happy Foodie Friday! In today’s quick recipe video I share what has become my favorite snack lately –  it’s a grown up version of an old favorite, ants on a log. This snack can be made in seconds and doesn’t require any fancy ingredients or even utensils. In fact, you probably have all you need for it right in your kitchen. The star of the snack and what makes this so unique and healthy is the turmeric.

Turmeric is a superfood with amazing anti-inflammatory benefits. Turmeric is actually more common that you realize, as it is found in curry and is what give mustard it’s yellow color.  Although it is quite common in food, many people supplement it to get it in their diet. I wanted to find ways to incorporate it more in my food and came up with this snack. For more info on our snack time star turmeric, check out this superfood spotlight with a recipe from Yogi Bhajan.

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