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Welcome to Wonderland! Hope you’re feeling as refreshed as I am after the weekend. I was really able to relax this weekend and took a little weekend #wellnesswonderlandvacation. So have a great end to a great weekend & start of a great week. Really rad posts coming your way this week including a new episode of #WWRadio featuring this lovely lady (I’m so excited for you to hear what she had to say!) but until then, as always, enjoy the rest of the internet by meandering a little to ease into your week.

Great Doctor about the anti-inflammation diet more on this topic from another great doctor here!

Gabby Talks relationships in her video blog this week! Check it out!

Have you heard about my new diet?

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Perfect fall recipe! Yum!

Drink Up! #drinkH20 Help Michelle Obama out by taking a photo of yourself drinking water & post it to instagram with the hashtag  #drinkH20 a global campaign to get people excited and in the habit of drinking more water! Your photo will be added to the collage of water lovers here!

Looking for a great fall soup to make this week? Look no further!

Are organic veggies that important? Read Kris Carr’s guide to organic!

Do you live alone?


The Meditation Album You Need

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My girl Heather Waxman is rad now. I don’t need to tell you that, you learned all about her in our conversation on WWRadio a few months ago. Listen again here for a refresh.

But since we caught up, Heather has been making strides. She has a brand new website, business and meditation album to be released so soon. It is filling a huge need and I’m psyched for her and to share her Kickstarter.

Here’s a a little more about her project, check it out! (& the album art is hot, we share a designer)


2012 gift guide No.3 | your marvelous meditating yogi who is always calm

For that calm, centered, balanced person in your life who does yoga, meditates, eats well (and makes you think you probably should too), you love them even when you’re watching TV…so here’s what to get them…

Their Presents:

Dream team yoga video with Deepak Chopra & Tara Stiles!

They love Deepak.

& love this tank!

They would love to get some Headspace!  …just 10 minutes a day, check out the app!

Think these are so cool!

A stress relief kit!

Would love this book – Cooking with a Yogaview, and this book!

They LOVE this meditation pillow! & this eye pillow‘s pretty cool too!

Their Stocking stuffers:

Could use some of this to help with the calm.

Would love some of this Buddha Nose balm for all that deep breathing they do!

& they love these Beeswax Buddha candles!


Their gift card hopes:

A gift certificate to their favorite yoga studio – like this one! 

Send them a little zen from here!

They’d love a gift card to the amazing Manduka home of the best yoga mat ever!

Their big dream items:

They’d REALLY love this acupressure mat …even Dr. Oz says so, see!

They would LOVE a ticket to Gabby’s six week course! 

subscription to Gaiam TV is like Netflix to the yogi.

Sitar in a box! how cool!

They’d love to sweat out toxins in their very own one of these!

& if you missed my last two gift guides, here’s gifts for your favorite Health Nut & your Elegant Pretty thing loving friend 

Yogic wisdom {No.4} | Meditation lets the thoughts in your head float away

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“Focus on the gap between the thoughts.” – Deepak Chopra

“If you say, ‘I don’t have time to meditate,’ I respond, ‘Do you have time to feel like crap?'” – Gabrielle Bernstein

A great way to start is through guided meditations, and Gabrielle Bernstein  has some amazing ones.
Have an open-mind about trying something new… which really isn’t new, as people have been doing it for thousands of years. Allow yourself to relax, maybe right at your desk or  laying in your bed, and drift into your deep space where your mind can truly rest. Don’t be frustrated by internal thoughts or external noises but just be happy that you are doing something healthy for yourself. Meditation is crucial to well-being.

I had my best medition yet this morning after teaching yoga! I stayed in the studio a little after class and practiced on my own, then meditated for about fifteen minutes and just let my mind go. Honestly, I never thought I could get ‘there’ (wherever that is), that meditative space where your mind is clear, and honestly it takes awhile so be patient with yourself.

I just started meditating this summer through my yoga teacher training, but now I’ve made it part of my daily routine. The best times to meditate are when you first wake up & in the evening sometime. I’ve tried to make my mantra, ‘You’re never fully dressed without meditating.’ I figure if I have made washing my face and brushing my teeth something I do every morning before I leave, even if I don’t feel like it, I can add one more thing that is essential: meditation.

Even if it feels a bit funny at first or like you are just pretending, stick with it. And remember this Kurt Vonnegut quote, “We are what we pretend to be, so be careful what you pretend to be.” Fake it ’til you make it…”fake meditate” until you are actually meditating…(is there even really a difference?)…that’s how I learned.

Try this guided meditation from Deepak Chopra. I absolutely love his voice and accent! I could listen to him all day & fall asleep (good thing he’s not a math teacher). Give it a try and let me know how you do in the comments below. I’d love for us all to talk about our experience with meditation.