Fav Holiday + 4 FAVES + NEW Podcast On Love & Food

Screen-Shot-2013-11-20-at-6.38.09-PMEvery year I share that I love this holiday. Here are some vintage posts where I’ve explained this.  It’s my absolute favorite holiday the 14th of February is  responsible for getting me through this bitter cold season.

Today I thought I’d share some Valentine’s Day themed things I’m loving lately, how’s that sound?

K let’s do it.

1. Gabby Bernstein’s Fearless Relationships Course-

It really changed things for me when it comes to relationship dynamics. She talks about family relationships, career relationships, and then romantic relationships and let me tell you it blew my mind. Here’s Info on this course.  Two main lessons I’ll just share now though.

  1. “We create separation in relationships. Seeing ourselves as better than or less than. Making someone special putting 1381580_10151968308868707_597975826_nthem on a pedestal making them better than another friend or family member or better than ourselves. This is constantly changing.” I used to do this with romantic partners and family members & friends al the time. You too?
  2. “When you are healing your energy, you may be attracted to the partner who will bring up all your stuff to be healed not necessarily the perfect partner right away because that’s not going to be attractive to you from that place.” Fascinating right?
  3. “The more you love your life, the more attractive you’ll be. Make your romantic relationships more brotherly and your friendships more romantic. Not using one person or one relationship to fill you up completely.” so good!

1e18805fe1b2bccd3901f41a38f08efa2. My podcast chat with my friend Christy Harrison about Food & relationships.

Just trust me on this it’s one hell of a fascinating conversation on Food Psych. Spoiler alert: Food & Relationships are super intertwined…Could you guess that?

3. Next thing I’m inspired by is my skin care line.

Yep. I’m obsessed with having spa-like evenings with myself where I slowly get ready for bed. I wash my face with the perfect 9 oil blend from this line & usually take a bath.

1966729_673190959453324_6346520083192854791_n As you may know as a long time reader, I used to struggle a ton with my skin. I had pretty terrible acne and tried everything from food to harsh chemicals & then finally found my way with making my own products and washing my skin with hemp oil. This worked for a while but lately as I get older I have felt like pampering my skin a bit more is the way to go. Then I found this amazing line that makes products I WOULD make if I had time. They are made with high quality oils, essential oils, and um even pearl powder omg. Just check em out. You may or my not get obsessed like I did and give yourself facials all the time.

Skin Care heaven. Check it out Imbibe’s Site

3. Last but not least Treat Yo Self.

We all need a reminder to do that sometimes. Whether it is treating yourself to a pedicure or a massage or that personal growth thing you’ve been wanting to do but don’t think you have time or the yoga class or the ukulele lesson, whatever we all need reminders to treat ourselves with care. If you need a reminder of that TREAT YO SELF to my best friend’s prints or mug or if you already treat YO-Self well then get her hedgehog mugs and more in her Society 6 shop!

Don’t you worry, we’re working on WellnessWonderland shirts for you coming soon. Get excited. I sure am.

BOTTOM-LINE: Whether you’re part of a couple or a single you can enjoy Valentine’s Day by simply celebrating what you love. This isn’t limited, this can include pets, objects that inspire you, music, routines, and even places. By celebrating what you love in your life you’re saying thank you and by saying thank you you’re saying MORE PLEASE. If you’re never saying thank you to the Universe then the Universe will never know what to give you more of.

Just think if you want a person do more of what they’re doing how do you train them? You THANK them…again…and…again. Same thing with asking the Universe.

By thanking the Universe for what you do have you create more of what you want. 

PS. Need a good movie to watch kinda about this? Watch this one. It is one of my favorites of all time.

Flower Power Challenge

viewer viewer-1


It’s a pretty popular time of year for flowers, especially roses. Not that they need  more hype, but I’m going to give them some anyways. Last week  I treated myself to some pink roses out of the blue and it really had an amazing impact on my mood all week long. Looking at them, smelling them, and photographing them was worth every penny. I highly recommend it.

So this week, I have a challenge for you in honor of Valentine’s Day.

Take (at least) one practical self-care action. Perhaps you take a bath, get a massage, or buy yourself roses (or how about all three?!). Whatever you do make sure it is something you adore and makes you feel good. You are worth it. Taking care of yourself with self-love is a requirement of living in Wellness Wonderland. 

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Special Guest Who Will Help You Not Be Crazy Around Food

Today there’s a very special guest in Wonderland. Isabel Foxen Duke, emotional freedom from food guru is here and speaks about body image, tips to not be food crazy during the holidays, normal eating, and business marketing strategies for capturing the attention of people who need to hear the message even when they don’t want it (they just want to lose weight).

-Check out out interview we mention  for The Beauty Bean: How Emotional Eating Can Be A Good Thing.  

Our original long-form podcast interview on #WWRadio where we get into many concepts including Isabel’s background and main principles.

-Hang out with Isabel here!

Rad Quote to Tweet: 

“You think you have a food problem, but that won’t exist if you didn’t have a body image problem.” @isabelfoxenduke via #wellnesswonderland w/ @katiedalebout

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Routines are Rad but…

Let’s get Real…because as Gabby says…

This week I got thrown off course. My life got so busy, I didn’t have time to blog. As you probably noticed Monday Meanderings didn’t even get posted until Wednesday! Unheard of, so out of my routine! I adore this blog so much that whenever it takes a back seat I beat myself up big time, and that’s when it hit me, perhaps routines aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

Lately, I feel like if I do something positive only once it doesn’t count. I’ve put this unbelievable pressure on myself that makes me feel like one right action is not good enough – in fact, one right action is a fraud. For instance, if I do something positive just once it’s just something I did one time, it’s forgettable, fake, and therefore I am just pretending. However, if I do something everyday or even twice I feel much more comfortable and can define myself as that. I meditate once, I’m pretending I do it. Do it a couple times and I’m the Gandhi (that’s how my mind works it).

Let me get specific, if I say I want to eat dinner before 8pm and be in bed by 10pm every night and I do that today I’m unmoved. In fact, I’m extra hard on myself. Instead of rejoicing in that one right action toward my goal, my negative self-talk goes something like this, “Okay yeah you did that today, but you’re sure to mess up tomorrow, don’t enjoy this. Why even do it today when yesterday you had dinner at 9 and stayed up until 1. You are a fraud, give up now. Who are you to be healthy and conscious of your eating & sleeping schedule when yesterday you weren’t…blah blah blah…”

But here’s the thing, if we constantly hold ourselves (or others) to yesterday or old standards of who we were we don’t allow space for change. It’s hard to see that change is possible, at the beginning especially. Whether you set a simple health goal like mine or you are working on losing 100 pounds, if you constantly hold yourself to yesterday’s action, you will never change. All routines were started by just one right action…and if we all gave up after one there would be no routines. 

Racking up right actions makes routines…routines make lifestyle…lifestyle defines you. But that’s just it, that’s when I realized I was wrong. Routines or lifestyle become merely labels  and for gosh sake labels don’t define you. I realized if I stripped down and took off all my labels and looked in the mirror who would I be?

I’d take off the vegan layer. I’d shed the spiritual one next. I’d shed the eating disorder recovery. I’d weasel my way out of the yogi. I ‘d remove health nut. And I’d reluctantly even tear off (like a band-aid) my beloved blogger label and I would just be. Simple me, yet Divine me. The core essence of who I am and that ball of light doesn’t vary. It legit doesn’t change. Who I am at my core doesn’t depend on my routines or consistency.

I’ll contradict this post on 40-days consistency and say that consistency doesn’t mean shit to who I am on that deep authentic level. So ahhh….breath a sigh of relief and let go of this pressure for routines and just be because in the end it doesn’t matter, and if I get the goal of routine out of my mind and just focus on one single right-action at a time before I know it routine will just happen.

And if I can bring that, my authentic self, to the party every single day I don’t need to be labeled or categorized I can just simply be. Be your core!

ps. choosing a winner for this giveaway post tomorrow so don’t forget to submit your comment! Thanks for all the great acts of kindness, keep them up!

Two Peas in a Pod | Episode 1

Check out the first episode of my new talk show Two Peas in a Pod. And if you missed the pilot episode, check it out here.

This week’s episode is on the new Dove video everyone is talking about. Here it is below, so if you haven’t seen it yet, watch it before watching our episode since our video is a reaction to it!

& a funny parody of it:

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