BONUS PODCAST EPISODE — 17 Questions with Gabby Bernstein

Image-1Today you get the answer to 17 Special Questions for Gabby. Not only do I have this BONUS EPISODE in audio format but I also have it to share with you as an actual video recording. Check it out to get Gabby’s latest inside scoop on life, career, inspiration and and more!

Also quick reminder that her Digital Spirit Junkie Master Class registration ends this Sunday! Get the full scoop on the bonuses I’m offering here.

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YouTube Is My Wonderland | The Light You See In Other’s Means It’s In You!

I don’t have a TV in my apartment, however I watch plenty of TV…. YouTube that is! I adore the YouTube platform and community. It is such an easy and direct way to share information and allows  so much of your personal flare to shine through. You really feel like you get to know your peeps on YouTube and I just love the positive, high-vibe, yet elclectic group that I’m subscribed to that I stalk weekly for new uploads.

Some of My Favorites That You Must Check Out Are:

Mimi Ikonn, her husband Alex Ikonn, and her Luxy Hair channel.

-I also adore Kassie who is the beauty behind CloudyApples which is a channel that shares amazing holisic lifestyle tips.

-When it comes to Holistic Habbits, you’ve got to check Sarah’s channel out as well her natural tips and recipes are rad.

-I also love the inspiration from past WWRadio guest Micheal Gebben.

-My spiritual mentors have rad channels too including Mastin Kipp’s funny and inspirational videos on The Daily Love TV & my guru Gabrielle Bernstein’s new vlog every Monday.

– Practicing yoga one YouTube is one of my favorite things to do. I practice almost every day with Anita Goa or Tara Stiles! Both WWRadio guests!

-And for grounded business advice I look to She Takes On The World, Alex Beadon, and of course the rockstar of MarieTV Marie Forleo.

Not only do I know you’ll want to follow all of these amazing YouTube stars, I’m hoping you’ll add one last YouTuber to this list of subscriptions: me!

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 10.02.41 AM

With all of above as my inspiration I’ve decided to commit to building my own presence on YouTube by consistently providing one video per week + a new WWRadio interview. What I learned from watching so much YouTube over the years was that the light I admired in my subscriptions was a reflection of the light with in me and I wanted to share my light on YouTube as my favorite way to communicate is through video.

So I’m committing to two new videos per week, so give me a thumbs up & hit subscribe to hang out with me in my YouTube Wellness Wonderland.

PS. If you feel like I do about YouTube and want to create your own channel, check out my interview with Gebbs. I learned everything I know about creating a successful YouTube channel from him.

It’s Monday Meander a little!

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Welcome to Wonderland! Hope you’re feeling as refreshed as I am after the weekend. I was really able to relax this weekend and took a little weekend #wellnesswonderlandvacation. So have a great end to a great weekend & start of a great week. Really rad posts coming your way this week including a new episode of #WWRadio featuring this lovely lady (I’m so excited for you to hear what she had to say!) but until then, as always, enjoy the rest of the internet by meandering a little to ease into your week.

Great Doctor about the anti-inflammation diet more on this topic from another great doctor here!

Gabby Talks relationships in her video blog this week! Check it out!

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Perfect fall recipe! Yum!

Drink Up! #drinkH20 Help Michelle Obama out by taking a photo of yourself drinking water & post it to instagram with the hashtag  #drinkH20 a global campaign to get people excited and in the habit of drinking more water! Your photo will be added to the collage of water lovers here!

Looking for a great fall soup to make this week? Look no further!

Are organic veggies that important? Read Kris Carr’s guide to organic!

Do you live alone?


Monday Meanderings


Welome to another week in Wonderland, great stuff coming your way again this week including yes a new episode of WWRadio & more. But until then as alway meander a bit to ease into your week and enjoy the rest of the internet.

Kris Carr interview Kate Northrup on her new book Money: A Love Story (& I’m be interviewing Kate today for an episode of WWRadio, get excited for that one!)

Are you around Detroit? Join me for FREE Wellness Wonderland yoga!

How to thrive at work even if you can’t stand your job.

How to feel more natural from Tara Stiles 

Be real in your relationships.

8 ways to detox without fasting.

Cool desktop backgrounds a coworker showed me.

How cool are these cards!

63 year old model on how to stay beautiful.

Want to learn everything about Fermenting?

How to stand out from the crowd from Marie!

9 phenomenal Arugula recipes from Kris Carr & a great one from me!

Dedicate a day entirely to you!

Funny Insta about poop.

My favorite Kundalini song sung by one of my favorite people!

Pumpkin seeds yum! My favorite way!


Happy Monday! Have a great week, I have a great week of posts coming at you including a brand new episode of WWRadio featuring the other half of {Healthy} Cooking Camp, Robyn tomorrow and so much more – until then enjoy the rest of the internet.

Cool headband knits free patterns from Tara Stiles.

Crazy sexy wellness picnic palooza!

Yum easy banana soft serve! 

Great info on food allergies from Kris Carr

Is it bad that I’m not a toddler but want this?

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Best written television series of all time! Couldn’t agree more about #1 & #24

So tell me once and for all what’s better running or walking?

The best fast food for you!

Vegan yummy mexican taco minus the tortilla…perfect to make from your farmer’s market loot! I make a spring veggie version of this for like every meal lately.

San Francisco apartment tour, can that family adopt me?

The real couple behind Before Sunrise 

I love these rings! & these necklaces! Don’t you?

The great green protein smoothie! from Filippa!

Ryan Gosling in Detroit!

cool movie remake! 

My recent thoughts on routines!

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June playlist! & some pretty golden things!