Exciting news revealed | Coming soon to a Computer near you….

Hi everyone I’m unveiling some extremely exciting news. Ready? Okay here it is, I’m starting a talk show. My friend Jess and I are starting a YouTube channel and we’re publishing our pilot episode this week. So watch out for Two Peas in a Pod. Like us on Facebook & follow us on Twitter and our first video will be out tomorrow!

Feel free to get excited, we can’t wait either!

With out further a-do meet my partner in pod, Jessica Erickson….

“Hi I’m Jess, a former publicist turned miracle believer. I prefer my glass half full and thrive when I am creatively challenged. My inspiration stems from my innate curiosity and eagerness to learn. Living a holistic life is something I prioritize- someday I hope advance the appreciation of whole foods and their healing properties. A healthy life is a happy life, so let’s get nourished!”

Gratitude for today | gratitude list

Gratitude lists are amazing! Here’s mine for today!

This song:


Kind & Generous always puts me in a good mood. Makes me think of my guru Gabby, best friend Elizabeth & my childhood all at the same time. Much like this song where I can’t listen to it without dancing, I can’t listening to Kind & Generous without smiling!

Blogging, my blog, the blog world, & connecting with other bloggers. 

Screen Shot 2013-03-16 at 9.57.56 PM

When I started While We Were Weary, (my original blog), it was a cool place to share ideas and inspiration with whoever happened to find it. However, now it has become a wonderland of wellness inspiration and a platform for me share the life lessons I’m learning in real time. I never could’ve imagined the blog transitioning in this way, but I’m so grateful it did! Through my blog I’ve connected with so many amazing fellow bloggers and made real lasting friendships.

Cough cough… Filippa Svenson, Heather WaxmanElizabeth Lane, Pure Glow 16, Purely Twins, Isabel Foxen Duke, Vegan Laura, Robyn Youkilis, and Quinn Asteak.

I thank you all for the inspiration you have given me over the past year, so please keep it coming. I want to share them with you, so coming soon to Wonderland, (drum roll please) a new section…Inspirational Interviews. In this new section, each week I will be interviewing a fellow blogger who has made an impact of me in some way, thus trickling down that inspiration right to you!

My family 

I come from a pretty large family and it is actually 100 percent accurate to say I was raised by a village.  In fact, I think I give that expression new meaning since literally all hands were on deck in raising me, which turned out to be a good thing since everyone involved in the behind the scenes making of me was so wonderful & inspirational. Family – every grand and parent, aunt, uncle, cousin, friend and relative I have – has been so supportive of me and my life transition over the past few months. I would not be who I am without each and every one of you. I needed every shed of that support so much and would not be who am without it.

I turned out pretty well, if I say so myself,  so feel free to pat yourselves on the back, all of you, you know who you are.



It’s such a great show with lovable, relatable characters and seems to really depict the awkwardness of college honestly and authentically. In addition to making me embrace my curly hair (haven’t straightened it once this week) it makes me nostalgic for college and the 90s all at the same time. I am also grateful for my version of Sally, a best friend I can talk to about anything. While my Sally and I don’t send back and forth tapes like Felicity and Sally do in the show, we have weekly calls where I can tell her anything and almost daily emails where we gush about our lives. It’s amazing having someone removed from my daily life but still understands everything I’m going through. Which brings me to the next thing I’m grateful for this week, my Sally, Elizabeth Lane.


The amazing lady behind my book club and the Simple Salt blog is my best friend, mentor, teacher, and guide. We met in a eerily guided way. My awesome aunt randomly signed me up for Gabby’s online course God is my Publicist – while I thought it was cool, I never would’ve signed up for it myself, but I’m so glad she did. The things I learned in that course changed my life and I even called in and got through and spoke with Gabby, asking a question. Elizabeth happened to hear me on the line and found my twitter handle and tweeted at me when she saw I lived in the same town she grew up in. Even though she hadn’t lived there for years, she knew we shared a connection because of it. She reached out to me, and come to find out, not only did we grow up in the same town, she grew up on the same street…eerie I know! The rest is history, we found so many amazing similarities in our lives and become amazing friends. I’m so grateful to have her in my life, talking with her on the phone makes everything clearer. After one phone conversation with her, my entire week jump starts and then I need another call.

This virtual Conference: 

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 9.49.53 AM

Gabby is live streaming this amazing virtual conference this week where she is interviewing amazing leaders including Dr. Frank Lipman, Marie Forleo, Mastin Kipp, Kris Carr, and so many more. Gangs all there and I can’t get enough, sign up here now! It goes until Friday!

How TV can be meditation | part 2…


Previously on the Wellness Wonderland: (I thought it was fitting to write this post in the spirit of a TV episode.)

I wasn’t allowing myself mindless TV, always feeling like I should be doing something else like meditating, reading, learning, working, writing, calling friends or family etc. Then I realized I actually needed TV to make my work and creative projects better, and to be there for my friends and family as my best self.

So there I was, all set up on Netflix, a sea of television madness. Almost every show I could possibly want to watch in one little red place. It was daunting at first, with me thinking I could really get lost in here for hours, even days. I felt like I was opening Pandora’s box. I didn’t trust myself to only one episode and I thought if I started watching one each cliff hanger would draw me into another and sooner or later I would have no job, friends, or creative projects because all I would do was watch television. Then I came back to earth and realized like anything else that is a choice I make and sometimes at the end of my day I actually NEED an episode (or two) of Felicity.


I knew it felt good, relaxing and just getting lost in the show. But I still had this intense feeling of guilt. Guilt that I should be doing something else, something creative – meditating, cleaning, calling, learning, you name it. It wasn’t until I spoke with my version of Sally (if you watch felicity you’ll know what I mean), Elizabeth, who gave me amazing advice. My Sally said: Felicity isnt taking you away from your spiritual practice, it is part of your spiritual practice.


It was like a light bulb went off when I heard that, and it finally felt okay. I was so worried TV would take me away from my work, when in fact TV was helping my work not seem like work. When meditating or reading or even blogging aren’t sounding good, instead of forcing myself to do it when I was uninspired I wanted to give myself another activity and wait for the inspiration to return. That’s the part that can be a bit scary for me, that waiting part. My mind thinks, if I don’t try now I will I ever feel inspired again…

But inspiration comes in waves, and and forcing never helps anything. Trusting & waiting for the moment is key.

Enjoy your mindless TV!

What is your favorite TV show of all time?

How TV can be meditation | part 1



Sometimes we all just need a break from people, work, cooking and cleaning! Those are obvious, but  I’ve found sometimes we need a break from things that we love & enrich our lives as well, like blogging, writing, yoga, meditating, learning and even our spiritual practice.  When I started my full-time job I would work all day and then in the evenings I would want to work on my creative projects. Things like my blog, learning by listening to metaphysical podcasts or reading nonfiction books, doing yoga, coaching friends. While all those things were great, they were stimulating my mind. In a deeply positive way, yes, but I felt I was never getting a rest or even a breath between days.

Then I remembered something my mom always said:  “Honey, at the end of the day, I need some mindless TV.” My mom is the hardest worker I have ever met in my life (if her boss is reading this, she needs a raise or at least a pat on the back) and after devoting her entire work day to her job, she would decompress by watching some “mindless TV.” This isn’t a foreign concept – many people do the same. However, for some reason, I was dead-set on not watching TV at the end of the day, but rather doing something enriching to my life, like learning something, writing something, making something, helping someone. That worked for a while, but as my job picked up and on-boarding (the honeymoon of the job) was over, work got busy and I realized my method wasn’t working. I was constantly feeling drained because I was never allowing my mind to rest.

Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Gossip Girl & Friends, and love Downton Abbey as much as the next guy. But I was bound and determined not to have a TV in my apartment (a choice I still stand by). My mom tried to ask me, ‘are you sure? sometimes you just need to escape.’ But I was  determined to never let my mind off the hook….I would either be working on work, my blog, other creative projects, or myself through meditation, etc.



This was all fine until the night of the Academy Awards. That evening all I wanted to do was watch TV and it was nothing I could stream online.  On the night of the Oscars I just straight up wanted to watch some good old live television. Luckily, that evening I had my book club – a perfect way to close my week and start a new one. However, after we hung up the phone, all I wanted to do was see dresses and acceptance speeches. So I did what anyone of my generation would do – I turned to twitter. While I did get some live tweets from the red carpet and did get to see a few dresses, it was a tweet from my guru author of our book club’s book, Gabby Bernstein‘s, tweet that stuck out to me that night. It was so profound. She tweeted this…

@GabbyBernstein does anyone know where I can stream the Oscars online?

Yes Gabby could have been meditating, or working on her next vlog, or her 4th book, but even Gabby needed a little – as my mom calls it – mindless TV. And she was in the same boat as me, not having a TV and turning to twitter for the answer. In that moment I felt comfort & the answer to my internal dialog of ‘When do I stop working completely, even on myself and just be?’

I can literally feel my mind turning to mush when I watch too much TV, so I avoid it all together, but it is all about balance. Everything in moderation, and this completely includes television. For me, I wasn’t getting enough.

Just as my hard working mom could use some more creative projects, at the same time I needed a little more TV. By not taking any time for myself, my creative projects were lacking. I needed balance. For me, I needed that TV to relax and be better in the end for my friends, work, and projects.

So there I was, all set up on Netflix, a sea of television madness….


part two here.