How To Start A Podcast & Follow-Though On Ideas

I’m way more of an idea person and lack when it comes to action and execution. But I have followed through on a few things and in this video I share my top tips to stop perfectionism from keeping you stuck and how to actually take action on your dreams, goals, and good ideas. I explain how I started my podcast and how I was able to get some pretty neat guests to come on the show even in the very first season.

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“When the time is on you start & the pressure will be off.” #YogiBhajan 

“We are what we pretend to be so be careful what you pretend to be.” #KurtVonnegut

Foodie Friday | PB & J Breakfast Tacos Recipe

Happy 4th of July! Today’s recipe is somewhat patriotic looking with the red & blue berries and if you add some coconut flakes we’ve got the entire US of A  color scheme accounted for. The other day I had nothing in the fridge and didn’t think this week was worth grocery shopping since I’d being going home for the holiday. I woke up starving for breakfast and wanted to eat rather than drink my smoothie so I took my smoothie ingredients and made these tacos instead. This is so simple, refreshing, and light. It requires no equipment and very few ingredients.

-Romain Leaves or Collard Greens 
-Berries (organic frozen of fresh) 
-Nut Butter of Choice (May Favorites are Pumpkin Seed or Hemp Seed) 
-Optional Add-ins: coconut flakes, sea salt, cinnamon etc. 

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3 Reasons Why Cold Showers Are Hot

I’m always cold. Like so cold.  To the point where it is actually a problem. This winter I found a practice that has really been amazing in not only keeping me warm, but also improving my skin, energizing me, and helping me bust through fear. Cold Shower Therapy is practiced by people everywhere and the benefits are vast and amazing. When I first heard about this practice, I completely ignored it because I thought since I was constantly  freezing it wasn’t something I could handle. However, I learned that this therapy would actually improve my circulation and help with my issue of always being cold. I explain more specifics and give 3 reasons why I love this practice now and how to do it in this video. Cold Showers can be taken at any time of day whether you’re typically an evening showerer (like me) or a morning shower taker, the cold shower will meet the energy level that you need, so if you’re getting ready for bed it will relax you and if you’re starting your day it will energize you. Try out cold showers for yourself and tell me what you think.

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NEW Video WWBook Club | My Top 3 Tools

It’s no secret in Wonderland that I’m pretty into Gabrielle Bernstein‘s latest book Miracles Now. Check out my book review here & my interview with Gabby on my podcast WWRadio here.  The book is so amazing that it is my selection for our WWBook Club, a private Facebook community where we discuss our collective experience with the book and how the ‘life-changing tools’ have impacted our unique lives.

This week’s video answers a question I received from someone in my book club. They asked what my favorite tools from the book were so I’ve shared them here. If you dig these tools, share them with a friend that you think they would help {TWEETABLE}.

1401944345Bottom-line: all 108 tools are super helpful.

The coolest part of all, is how the entire book is interactive. She refers you online to corresponding videos and shareable posts, to build community around the miracles now hashtag.

So let’s make this a trend, because it’s rad. Thank you @Gabbybernstein you did it again with #MiraclesNow {tweet that now!}

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