GOOD ADVICE | Do things with passion or do nothing at all.


Ever feel overwhelmed with too much to do, but not enough time? Just make time! It’s simple – get up earlier or go to bed earlier and only spend time on things that you are passionate about as much as you possibly can. And the trick to doing this is to become passionate about even the most mundane things, such as folding clothes, washing the dishes, or taking a shower. Do everything you do with passion or don’t do anything at all. On Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday episode with the young new spiritual leaders she had a great quote that really stuck with me. Oprah said, “I only make my bed on the weekends, but when I do I pretend I am Martha Stawart…I do it perfectly, all the pillows are in the perfect place….

I loved the point Oprah’s making here – either make your bed with passion or don’t do it at all. Make even the mostĀ mundaneĀ things special or don’t do them at all!