Monday Meanderings

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Hey WWonderland, how was your weekend? I taught a rad workshop (pictures above) and celebrated with my mom & grandma in beautiful weather.  Wonderland this week is going to be dope this week including a brand  new episode of WWRadio & video, but until then above are some Insta-glimpses into my week & below are some of  my meanderings of the rest of the inspiring internet over the past week. Enjoy exploring and I’ll see you Wednesday for the new Podcast, until then stay living in yourWellness Wonderland until I see you back here in mine.

Being a Spirit Junkie mom. 

-Wow. This lecture blew me away. Required watching and super timely with Mother’s Day! Major theme I took away: take care of our earth, our first mother and the one who is always here for us regardless of what we do to her.

-Check out this neat Kickstarter campaign for rad Fanny-packs (Mollypacks). My cousin showed me and I’m obsessed with the adorable video. Storytelling at its finest fors sure.

My favorite supplement to take and why. 

Special Cauliflower Mash Recipe 

A new movie we all MUST watch! 

Yoga is like journaling for your body. 

Last week’s WWRadio was my fav yet! 

The Art of Surrendering | Scary Word, Simple Concept

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I learned something really profound recently from my mentor Gabrielle Bernstien. It is the art of surrendering. Until recently I had no idea what that meant and that word actually scared me to be honest. Gabby teaches surrendering to mean letting go of trying to control a situation out of your control, and rather, saying ‘look I trust the Universe here and that everything happens for a reason please help the best outcome play out here.’ Surrendering really is just asking for help in any given situation and getting out of the way for the Universe to do her thing.

I love this line from Mastin Kipp‘s remix of Yogi Bhajan’s Patience Pays (which I listen to a few times a day and have been playing for all my yoga classes.) “Surrender doesn’t mean giving up, it means giving in.”

Speaking of Yogi Bhajan, the father of Kundalini Yoga, Gabby’s journey to discovering Kundalini is what helped me to understand how to surrender. A couple years ago, Gabby found herself in a bit of a rut in her practice. Having been a meditator for years she needed a more visceral experience. She surrendered her practice to the Universe and was led to Kundalini, which changed her life. Pre-Kundalini Gabby hated yoga but was led to it randomly, fell in love with it, and even became a teacher of it. Now she wears cool turbans and teaches crazy Kundalini meditation to millions on Instagram & YouTube, all because she surrendered something that wasn’t working in her life

So I recently did just that – I surrendered something & boy does it work. There’s something to this whole surrender thing.

So here’s what I first surrendered, to test it out to see if it actually worked and guess what? It did, massively! When you let go, stop pushing and just relax into it the Universe will show up in a big way to support you.

I was not loving my morning routine at all, struggling with finding something that worked for me so I surrendered my morning routine to the Universe and this is what happened…

I fell in love with my mornings and now you can too, here’s how. I’ll be back with part two of this post with a post on the importance of morning routines & 10 tips to start the day off right.

See you then!

Wellness Weekends | Tara Stiles is adorable in her old Videos

I absolutely love Tara Stiles, yoga instructor extraordinare. And lately I cannot get enough of her YouTube channel. Her videos (on everything including yoga, meditation, healthy living, food, and cooking) have inspired me to make more video content for this blog. I love how much of her bubbly, enthusiastic personality shines through in every video regardless of the topic. Here are some of my favorites at the moment & why…but check out her entire YouTube channel and subscribe.

5 habits of healthy people- such great things…I’m trying to do them all. My favorite is number five.

Her super meal! Best line from this video…”if you can breath you can do yoga & if you can eat food you can cook food” & I love that she’s from the Mid-West & gives it a shout-out here!

Bedtime tips night night!

Great tough yoga flow!

This dessert looks so tasty!