Tea Party | My Top Six Teas & Why {video} - Katie Dalebout

Tea Party | My Top Six Teas & Why {video}

Today’s bonus video is all about tea. As I said in the video, tea is like a hug in a cup and there’s nothing like a warm beverage to warm you up from the inside out. Here are my top six teas I discuss in the video & where you can find them. To find out why I love them watch above! & if you like it please subscribe!


1.  Strawberry Cuppa Chocolate Tea awesome with a splash of homemade coconut milk and a drop of stevia. Caffeine-free & tastes like a chocolate covered strawberry!

2. Numi Savory Tea– tastes kind like broth & very different than most teas, but I love it! Comes in Tomato Basil as well!

3. Tulsi Tea Sweet Rose– I love the taste of this tea but the health benefits are even better. Tulsi Tea is stress relieving because Tulsi is the herb Holy Basil which lowers stress in the body. The tagline on the box says it all, “stress relieving & magical.”

4. Yogi Tea– the fortune cookie of teas. Quotes on every tea bag and tons of amazing flavors. What’s your fav?

5. Aveda Tea– super sweet, caffeine-free, and good for digestion. Great to have after dinner or anytime a day.

6. Yerbe Mate Tea– this is a great option if you’re hooked on caffeine this is a wonderful source of natural caffeine. Comes in tons of flavors. More info on Mate- listen to my podcast with Jessica Ortner.

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