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Tonight’s the Night…


Join me tonight on my YouTube channel for my LIVE online holiday extravaganza. It is truly going to be an amazing workshop that will make you fall in love with the holidays again. I’ll give you tools to prepare yourself to feel the magic & excitement you felt as a child or always dreamed of feeling. Feel free to leave questions for tonight in the comments below!

I’ll be sending out a REMINDER email this evening with all the PDFs and materials you’ll need for class so please sign up for my emails above and to the left! <–

To view the workshop live, simply follow THIS link & you’ll see me appear broadcasting LIVE from Wonderland at 9:30 EST/6:30 PST. Make wherever you’re watching a cozy relaxed environment – maybe you’re watching with friends or maybe you’re curled up in your jammies watching with a cup of tea and your journal. Just make sure you’re relaxed. It’s kinda late for us East-coasters so prepare yourself for the week before the workshop so you can truly be present and just relax after it is over with nothing left on your to-do list.

Tonight is going to truly be a blast. I’m all about authenticity here so to be honest I’m a tad nervous about talking to so many people all at once and the technology supporting it, but at the same time I’m psyched because having conversations about these topics is my favorite thing in the world to do.  Thank you so much for spending your evening with me tonight & make sure you enter your email to make sure you get the email with the PDF worksheets for night! See you soon.


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