In sessions, I share all my relevant experience and skills. I encourage you to let out anything you have been holding in. My goal is to be useful, allowing you to look under the hood at anything that’s helped me and ask anything you’d like to know. I will listen and provide support based on the knowledge I’ve gained through my experience of leaving a full time job to pursue something creative, writing a book, starting podcasts, teaching workshops, interviewing, and freelance writing. 

During these sessions, we outline where you’re at, what your intentions are, then create actionable steps in career, creativity, or wherever you need to focus. Here are some of the topics I’ve consulted on recently:

  • A successful entrepreneur with a desire to add podcasting to her portfolio. 
  • A new mom looking to start a journaling practice and find creative focus. 
  • A social worker going through a breakup needing support during a time of change. 
  • A young twenty something feeling lost after college. 
  • A women in her early thirties ready to quit her full-time job and embark on a second career. 

Need help crafting morning and evening routines that fulfill you? Do you want some advice on where to focus? Or, are you interested in starting a podcast, but want a little guidance? Book a consultation here.

Still unsure? Fill out the form here and tell me a bit about yourself and what you’re interested in working on to see if this might be a good fit.